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TRIAXIS is a company committed to serving the industrial market in an innovative way.

Business Areas

Industrial Projects

At Triaxis, we are at the forefront of shaping the future of industrial scenarios.
With a legacy that spans more than two decades, we establish ourselves as pioneers in the conception, design and execution of innovative industrial projects that redefine efficiency, sustainability and innovation.

Automation and Robotic

With experience in integrating and programming robots, and in the development of handling and palletizing tools, TRIAXIS is able to supply complete automated cells.
It works with the main brands of robots (ABB, FANUC, KUKA), being able to implement other brands. As well as retrofitting existing equipment.


Consultancy and Process improvement

With the know-how gained from several years in the market, we are able to analyze the existing process and improve it.

Project Development

We develop projects from clamping devices to complete robotic cells.

Manufacture of parts and special tools

We have partners for the manufacturing of the entire project that guarantee the quality and rigor with which Triaxis works.

Device Assembly and Testing

All devices are assembled and tested to ensure proper functioning.

Supply of robotic cells

We design and develop complete robotic cells, delivering a turnkey product to the customer.

Robot Programming

Our team of qualified professionals programs robots from different brands on the market.

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